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Product Review: Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers are a versatile tool that can be used effectively in a gym/fitness centre, home, outdoors, hotel room or just about anywhere else.  They attach to bars, trees and even doors to allow you to perform a comprehensive and challenging full body workout with just your body weight.  The suspension also forces you to engage your core and improves your stability.  Athletes and beginners alike can benefit from using a suspension trainer since the percentage of body weight can be changed by adjusting body position.

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The most popular suspension trainer is TRX's version.  Their suspension trainer used to be called the TRX; however, with an expanded product list it is now the TRX suspension trainer.  The actual product has evolved as well.  Over the years they have added markers which make it quicker to change strap position and a centre safety to ensure the strap doesn't slip to either side.  We've used the TRX for close to 8 years and First Step and have nothing but good things to say about their suspension trainer.  It's great tool that helps provide a great full body workout to users of all fitness backgrounds.  It's also portable, durable and easy to set up.  The only negative of the TRX suspension trainer is that at over $200 (not including the door anchor), it's quite pricey.

We tested out a few different suspension trainers that retail for a lower price than the TRX and our favourite was the Woss Trainer.  This product is quite comparable to the TRX suspension trainer with the only real thing missing being the centre buckle which limits sliding of the straps from side to side.  Woss Enterprises also neglected to include strap markers for easier strap adjustment, but we're not sure the TRX is worth the extra cost.  At at a starting retail (including door anchor) just over $35, we definitely recommend going with the Woss trainer if you're looking for something for personal use.  It's durable, has comfortable grips, adjustable straps and retails at less than a quarter of the price of the TRX.

Here's a video to help to you get started with your new suspension workout.

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Product Review: Kettlebells

Since mobile personal training and on-site group fitness classes are a big part of what we do at First Step, it is important for us to find equipment that is versatile and compact.  Kettlebells have both of these qualities and as a result, they are used regularly by everyone on our team. Used in a variety of methods, they can help develop power, upper and lower body strength, core stability and increase conditioning. 

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