Happy School Programs


Learn to exercise; exercise to learn

We have all heard the many benefits of exercise and know it’s importance, but as we continue to learn more about the effect of exercise on the brain and body, we are becoming even more aware of the importance of regular, moderate and intense exercise on the development of children.

For many children, playing competitive sports can be an intimidating prospect. As these students enter into junior and senior high school, it can be increasingly difficult to find engaging ways to exercise.First Step’s kidsfit program provides students with a fun and dynamic form of exercise.

During workouts students and trainers will discuss topics such as the importance and benefits of healthy nutritional choices or what heart rate means to their training. Our trainers will ensure that everyone is working at their own pace which helps to keep exercise enjoyable.

By offering challenging, fun and non-competitive options for exercise we can help encourage children to grow up to be active and healthy.

We understand that each school has different needs, so our kidsfit program will be catered to your needs and can be run with all students in grade 3-12. Give us a call and set up a meeting on phone call with one of our coordinators.


A healthy teacher is a happy teacher…and a happy teacher has a happy classroom. 

Work with our program coordinators to cater teachersfit to your school and staff’s specific needs. We offer the following services for teachers and school staff:

  • Group Fitness Camps for School Staff
  • Nutritional Seminars
  • Professional Development Opportunities

Our certified and experienced trainers help create a friendly and inviting atmosphere where everyone is motivated to do their best.

Services can be paid for in full by your school or set up as a fee for service paid by participants. By using the school’s gym space we are able to provide an excellent service at a reduced cost.

Meet with a program coordinator at your school to learn more about our programs.


Train to compete at your full potential

Give your student athletes the resources to help them excel throughout their athletic careers and attain their ambitious goals.

Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) will work with your designated school rep to create a plan suited to your athletic program’s needs.

  • General Sports Conditioning Camps
  • Sport Specific Training Camps
  • Weight Training Classes
  • Sports Nutritional Seminars

First Step’s experts create our high performance programs in accordance with the long term athletic development guidelines set forth by Canadian Sport For Life to help athletes focus on the appropriate skills for their respective stages of development.