Hidesh Bhardwaj


  • B. Ed: Physical Education / Kinesiology
  • CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
  • MES (Medical Exercise specialist)
  • Mt. Royal College: Strength and Conditioning Coach - 4 Varsity Teams 
  • Emergency First Aid

In his home town of Vancouver, Hidesh’s love for sport and dedication allowed him to compete in track and field, rugby, volleyball, baseball and basketball at an elite level.

It was at McGill University, while playing varsity basketball, where his desire to improve his athletic ability grew into a passion for health and fitness. Studying physical education and kinesiology provided him with the tools and education necessary to become a successful trainer. 

While playing professional basketball in Europe, Hidesh had the opportunity to learn from Olympic level trainers and work with professional basketball, soccer and hockey players.

Hidesh has now been in Calgary for over 10 years using his unique ability to motivate his team as well as clients to help countless people reach and surpass their fitness and athletic goals.

Success doesn’t come from being perfect all the time. Create the right plan for you, then consistently work hard and stick to your plan. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!